House Rules

Hello, we’re really please you’ve signed up as an Ambassador for the Beat-Herder Festival. We’re looking forward to you bringing your friends, their friends, anybody cool that you think is going to have a good time and we’ll reward you for your efforts along the way.

We're not a huge fan of rules, but by becoming a BH Ambassador, you're representing our event and we need to be conscious of our reputation at all times. While we'd much prefer not to, we will remove people from the Ambassador programme for breaking the rules. 

Please make sure you stick to the following House Rules below at ALL times:

  • Do not sell adult tickets to anyone under the age of 18. If you are unsure of a person's age, it is your responsibility to verify this information. Adult ticket holders, who in the opinion of the entrance staff, appear to be under the age of 18 and
    cannot prove their age will be refused entry to the festival.
  • All orders are subject to a mandatory delivery fee of £4.95. Please make sure you always add the secure delivery option to each order. If you don't do this then the order will not be processed or sent out to your customer.
  • Under 18's tickets are available through the ambassador scheme but extra terms and conditions apply, as well as varying costs. Please contact your community manager for more information.
  • All vehicles on site will require an appropriate Car Parking, Campervan or Car & Caravan pass which must be purchased before arrival. Please ensure that your customers include the relevant passes in their order if they are bringing any vehicle(s) to the festival (more information on vehicle passes can be found here.

Whilst an Ambassador it is against the House Rules to promote outside of your own social channels or use our social channels to try and sell a ticket to somebody you do not know.

  • You may not post on our branded social media pages or event pages (directly or via @ handles) 
  • You may not advertise your tickets on third party websites e.g. Craigslist, eBay, Gumtree, etc.
  • You may not create social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+) with inappropriate names or handles e.g. ’Ticket King’ or pages without the appropriate branding supplied by your Community Manager.
  • We’ll have our eyes peeled for the good and the bad and users who do not abide by the House Rules will be removed from the Ambassador programme and forfeit any rewards.

On the other hand we encourage you to…

  • Create a Facebook group and invite your friends to it (must be a closed group)
  • Tweet your friends asking if they want to buy tickets (just don’t use the event @ handle)
  • Update your Facebook status with the relevant content from your Community Manager
  • Message out to your WhatsApp and Skype contacts/groups
  • Email your friends and family

We want to share this benefit with you, your friends and their friends.  In return, we count on you to always represent us in a way that reflects positively on our event. Thanks and good luck!

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