How do I request BH tickets to be issued to me so that I can start selling?

Click on the ‘Events’ page and request tickets for ‘The Beat-Herder Festival’.

Your Community Manager will be notified of your request and will issue you a ticket allocation.

How much do the tickets cost?

Please head to the BH event page for info on all ticket prices.

Do I have to pay for anything up front?

No, definitely not. The only time money is paid is by the customer through their secure payment link.

How do I process a sale?

The Customer will be sent a confirmation email directly, which summarises their order and provides information regarding payment.

How do I see what I have available to sell?

Click on the 'My Tickets & Reward' tab, where you can see how many items you have available to sell, how many that you have provisionally sold (but pending payment).

How can I see what I have sold?

Click on the 'My Sales' tab to see your sales history, including pending payments.

What happens if I can’t sell all the tickets issued to me?

No problem at all - there is no commitment on your part. You wouldn’t owe anyone anything. However, you won’t earn your free ticket(s) or any other rewards until you have sold the required amount.

How quickly do customers have to pay?

Once you have sent the link the customer has 21 days to pay for their order. The ticket won’t be reserved until the customer has paid for their order in full (including the mandatory ‘secure delivery’ payment) .

One of my customers didn't pay for their ticket in time can I re-send the link?

Please ask them to check their spam/junk mail first. If the email cannot be found you can cancel the sale and issue a new one via the ‘My Sales’ tab.

What rewards am I eligible for/have I earned?

All the information about the rewards available as well as those earned can be found in the ‘My Tickets & Rewards’ section.

How and when do I receive my free ticket(s) and other rewards?

Free Ticket(s) - Once you have sold the required amount to earn yourself a free ticket, your Community Manager will gift you a ticket. You will then need to add the personal/dispatch details of the person who will be using the ticket. Other Rewards – Your Community Manager will contact you about how to redeem any other rewards you have earned.

Do I have to work at the event?


Can I give my free ticket(s) to someone else?

Yes, you can add the dispatch/personal details of the person that you want to use any free tickets earned.

How do I get in touch with you?

As an Ambassador, you can contact us through your Community Manager. The contact details are on your dashboard when you log in.

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